April 27, 2011
What’s Up in the Land of Not Just a Mets Blog?

In case you haven’t already done so, you should switch over to the new Not Just a Mets Blog immediately if not sooner, add the RSS feed to your Google Reader (or other feed) and follow me on twitter. If you’re hesitant to leave the safe confines of tumblr, here’s the kind of hard-hitting analysis you’re missing…

April 20, 2011
Not Just a Mets Blog Changing Locations

Hello fellow humans who have made the grave mistake of being Mets fans. Thanks for reading my blog. As of yesterday, Not Just a Mets Blog lives over at a new url: http://notjustametsblog.com/

You can also…

April 19, 2011
Donald Trump Displays the Fiscal Priorities That People Want in a President

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April 19, 2011
Ken Rosenthal - Anti-Google Zealot

Ken Rosenthal is stealing Craig Sager's look...and his soul

Ken Rosenthal, bow-tied philanthropist, and associate of Tim McCarver is in on the "TRADE JOSE REYES," bandwagon (I think Jayson Stark was saving him a seat). The Mets should trade Reyes because the Mets stink, the club has financial issues, and Sandy Alderson has a blood vendetta against Jose Reyes. Whatever. Maybe the conventional wisdom is right and that’s why it’s the conventional wisdom. Maybe I’m the crazy one and the Mets have no real chance of winning 80 games, we’re going to start seeing $70m payrolls and Sandy Alderson is so offended by Jose Reyes’ inability to draw lots of walks that rather than have to consider signing him to a big contract, he’s going to frame Jose for murder.  Maybe this is reality.

But that’s not what concerns me here. For some reason Rosenthal says, “The Mets are not bereft of shortstop prospects — Ruben Tejada at Triple A, Jordany Valdespin at Double A and the best of all, Wilmer Flores at High Single A.”

Whaaaaaaaaat? Way not to do any research, Ken. Ruben Tejada is probably never going to be a good major league starter, but I’ll let that slide. Jordany Valdespin can’t draw any walks, period. But I’ll let that slide too. Figuring that out would’ve required a little bit of work. But figuring out that most nobody thinks Wilmer Flores can play SS in the minor leagues, would’ve taken like 5 seconds. Google Wilmer Flores and the first item is his MiLB profile. The second item is from Metsblog and reveals “The buzz about Flores is he might eventually move from the shortstop position because of his size and speed."  The third item, from Rotoworld, essentially says the same thing. Then there are a bunch of photos of Flores, in which one can see that he is massive. Then some videos, in which one can see the same. I think Rosenthal has been spending too much time in the Tim McCarver school of fact.

To top things off, Rosenthal totally ignores the Mets minor leaguer who seems most likely to be a decent major league SS, Wifredo Tovar. Rosenthal could’ve just called a scout and gotten the scoop in like 5 minutes. Or he could’ve done a google search. Or maybe he did call a scout, and the scout has not seen the Mets. Or maybe everything I know is, once again, wrong. I doubt that though. 

April 18, 2011
Cool Jose Reyes Images and Other Stuff From Around the Interwebs


I wasn’t around the Internets much for the past few days, so I’m catching up on Mets-related stuff now and I see Ted Berg suggests the above bad-ass photoshopped image of Jose as a “sweet, if a bit creepy, t-shirt." I’m on board. It’s like the Che Guervara t-shirt minus the pretension, and reminiscent of any number of great Bob Marley images. Like this one…


I’ll put in an order for 1 (one) of these t-shirts when it becomes available. Also, any time you have a great baseball player who can be compared both to Bob Marley and one of the most iconic images of all time, you know he’s awesome.

Some other links:

Fangraphs says that if Brad Emaus was worthy of a starting job before the season, he still is after 42 (crappy) PA’s. Indeed.

MLB Trade Rumors reminds me of the heartwarming news that fat DH Ryan Howard will be paid $25m by the Phillies….in 2016!

Amazin’ Avenue is doing something nice and fun for the second straight season.

Predictably, Steve Serby and the rest of the NY Post columnists had no reaction to the Mets winning a game. The charitable explanation is that they were busy with the Knicks and Rangers. The accurate explanation is that they are asshats, and had the Mets lost their 8th straight, someone amongst that stellar crew would certainly have made time for a well-aimed broadside at the team.

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